Teaching Christian Childbirth

A Complete Christian childbirth education program.

Whether you are new to the ministry of childbirth or a seasoned veteran, Teaching Christian Childbirth gives you tools for designing the perfect class to meet your community’s needs.

Explore what it takes to run a Christian childbirth class. Become informed about various teaching methods, how to lead a group, the role of an educator and how to be a good teacher. In addition you will be taken through the steps to design your own unique curriculum.

Teaching Christian Childbirth includes an eight week teaching curriculum that follows the Christian Childbirth Workbook. With sample class schedules and flexible teaching activities, you can quickly organize the right lesson plan for every group.

Every Activity Includes

  • The purpose of the activity
  • Suggested amount of time
  • Discussion ideas and starters, so you can spend less time lecturing
  • Additional materials necessary for the activity
  • Hints for facilitating the activity
  • A place for your personal notes

Teaching Christian Childbirth also comes with access to a private Christian Childbirth Professional web site.

Teacher-only web site allows you to:

  • Print additional handouts and worksheets
  • Learn new teaching games
  • Explore sample class outlines
  • Discover strategies for educating individual families
  • Identify teaching tools and resources
  • Investigate birth research
  • Prepare birth related Bible study materials
  • Read stories from other childbirth professionals
  • Access a printable copy of the Christian Childbirth Workbook
  • Join a community of Christian childbirth professionals
  • Market your program through the referral list


Teaching Christian Childbirth is divided into two parts. Part One explains the basics of teaching and how to design a class. Part Two includes all the activities divided into eight units of study that follow the Christian Childbirth Workbook.

Part One

  1. Ethical Issues in Teaching Christian Childbirth
  2. Facilitating Learning
  3. Teaching Christianity
  4. The Class as a Group
  5. Teaching Methods
  6. Designing a Class

Part Two

  1. Stewardship
  2. Labor Comfort
  3. Greeting Baby
  4. Choosing With Love
  5. Labor Challenges
  6. Birth Planning
  7. Self-Control
  8. Parenting a Newborn

Who Should Buy This Book?

Teaching Christian Childbirth is written for those who have a heart to serve expectant families in their communities. Formal training in childbirth education is not necessary, but would be beneficial. Learning resources on the teacher-only web site allow you to build your birth knowledge. Teaching Christian Childbirth puts a complete Christian childbirth education program in your hands. You could:

  • Start a small group for expectant families
  • Supplement your doula, midwife or childbirth education services
  • Offer private Christian Childbirth Preparation
  • Offer free classes at a local pregnancy center or church