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  • Have gifts for expectant friends and family on hand.
  • Donate the books to your local pregnancy center or maternity house.

The Lord of Birth


The Lord of Birth is a bible study written specifically for women going through pregnancy. It discusses what the Bible says about pregnancy and giving birth, as well as how a Christian should respond to pregnancy and childbirth.
The time of childbearing may be the first time in a woman’s life when she starts thinking about who she wants to be, and how she wants to live. It should not surprise us that this spiritually fertile time is also a time when women will face many tests, trials and attacks. By keeping her focus on Jesus Christ, a woman can come through pregnancy having grown closer to God and stronger in her faith.

Lord of Birth

40 Weeks Devotional Guide to Pregnancy


This unique inspirational resource features weekly descriptions of your baby’s growth and pregnancy specific devotionals to encourage and enlighten even the most experienced mother. Weekly prayer guides support your desire to pray daily for your child, while challenging you to deepen your spiritual life. Supportive suggestions for handling pregnancy symptoms help make the journey from “expecting” to “mother” as comfortable as possible. 40 Weeks Devotional Guide to Pregnancy is the guide no Christian should be without.

40 Weeks

The Christian Childbirth Handbook


Written from a Biblical perspective, the Christian Childbirth Handbook explores how being a Christian affects the childbirth experience. It discusses how faith impacts labor and how biblical principals direct your decision making process. Unafraid of difficult topics, the Christian Childbirth Handbook explores pain in labor, challenges in labor and the way childbirth is portrayed in the Bible.

Honest and accurate, the Christian Childbirth Handbook discusses the options available to you and the ways they can affect the labor process. Learn how to discover the comfort measures that are most likely to work for you. Discover the common side effects of pain relief, and what you can do about them if you decide to use medication. Explore the decisions you will need to make as you plan for your baby’s birth.

Christian Childbirth Handbook

Christian Childbirth Workbook


The Christian Childbirth Workbook organizes all the questions you need to have answered before you have your baby. Use the workbook to keep track of the information you find during childbirth class, on the internet, in childbirth books and from your health care team. Use the exercises and activities to ensure you understand the answers.

Eight units of study include lists of terms you should know, questions to get answered and labor rehearsals to help you prepare. Also included are prayer guides, devotional comments, scripture checklists and Bible studies.

Christian Childbirth Workbook

Teaching Christian Childbirth

Whether ytcccoverou are new to the ministry of childbirth or a seasoned veteran, Teaching Christian Childbirth gives you tools for designing the perfect class to meet your community’s needs. Become informed about various teaching methods, how to lead a group, the role of an educator and how to be a good teacher.

Teaching Christian Childbirth includes an eight week teaching curriculum that follows the Christian Childbirth Workbook. The book presents the steps to design your own unique curriculum. With sample class schedules and flexible teaching activities, you can quickly organize the right lesson plan for every group.

Along with Teaching Christian Childbirth you receive unlimited access to the private, teacher-only Christian Childbirth Professional web site where you can download additional teaching materials. Games, handouts, worksheets, visual presentations, sample class schedules, lists of resources, self-study ideas to help you grow.

Teacher Starter Packs

collectionEnjoy deep discounts when ordering multiple copies of the Christian Childbirth Workbook with Teaching Christian Childbirth. Perfect for starting a small group or Christian childbirth business.

Teaching Christian Childbirth with 5 Workbooks – a $299 value for only $175
Teaching Christian Childbirth with 10 Workbooks – a $399 value for only $200

Teacher Starter Collection