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Doula Birthing Assistant Care
Jeanne Stolaas
Serving: Huntsville/Madison
Offering: Childbirth Education;Labor Support or Doula
Comment: I am a labor/birth doula and childbirth educator certified through DONA, CBI & ACBE. I serve women in the Huntsville/Madison area of North Alabama.


Laura Correia
480-44-BABY-4 (480-442-2294)
Serving: Online with an 8 session comprehensive class. Perfect for those with a close due date or unable to commit to a weekly in-person class.  Those in the greater Phoenix valley are invited to choose the complete package which includes a hands on, private class when you are done with the lessons.
Offering: Childbirth Education;Labor Support or Doula; Midwifery
Comment:I love to help women learn more about their body, mind, and spirit during pregnancy and labor, and help equip them for a birth experience that they can cherish throughout their life.

Faith by Choice
Serving: Maricopa
Offering: Childbirth Education;Labor Support or Doula; Parenting; Bible Study; Crisis Pregnancy
Comment: I am a doula and childbirth educator, the support I offer for pregnant and laboring women in and around the Maricopa community uses the word of God. I believe that through Jesus all things are possible (Matthew 19:26) and that God made our bodies to support the process of giving birth naturally.

I respect every woman’s choice to birth the way that feels the most comfortable for her and her baby, no matter what her religious preference or her history.

I am a firm advocate of becoming educated in decisions; decisions concerning your health physically and mentally and that of your baby. I recommend reading up on the way you would like to give birth; if it’s naturally, medicated, a un/planned cesarean, CBAC (Cesarean Birth After Cesarean), or VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). There are risks and benefits to all of these choices.

Choices made by fear are not educated choices. “You only fear the unknown or past bad experiences… Fear and faith don’t operate together…”; For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline. (2Timothy 1:7)

I became a doula and childbirth educator to empower women and educate them on their choices of labor and delivery. I would love to help you and your family in this very special occasion.

Now faith is assurance of things hoped for, a conviction of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1 (ASV)

Laughing Sun Births
Connie McCoy
Serving: Phoenix
Offering: Childbirth Education;Labor Support or Doula
Comment:Encourage, Educate, and Empower women in birthing. Services provided are prenatal massage, birth doula, and christian childbirth education. Also henna body art, rice pillows, jewelry. Always growing to meet the needs of community.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.
She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.
– Rajneesh

Surrender Birth Services
Abby Schweitzer
Serving: Mesa, Gilbert, Phoenix
Offering: Childbirth Education; Labor Support or Doula; Postpartum Care or Doula; Lending Library
Comment: I offer a 6 week Christian Childbirth class that allows you and your partner or support person to grow in knowledge, grow in intimacy, and grow in the Lord. We will cover nutrition, exercise, stages of labor, breastfeeding, and new parenting. Each class is 2 hours long. Please contact me for details and scheduled classes


Dream Doula Christian Postpartum Doula and Child Birth Educator
Andrea Wilson
Serving: Fairfield
Offering: Childbirth Education; Post-Partum Support;Parenting Classes or Mentoring; Bible Studies

Kayla Festerly
Serving: San Diego
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula


Northern Colorado Childbirth Ministries, LLC
Sabrina Schleigler
Serving: Northern Colorado
Offering: Childbirth Education; Labor Support or Doula; Post-Partum Support
Comment: Great Blessings Doula Services, LLC provides birth and postpartum care to growing families. Great Blessings has set out to provide doula services, childbirth education, breastfeeding support and education surrounding childbirth, newborn care and the pospartum period. Having been saved by the Blood of Christ, Christina Smyth, owner, has responded to her calling to provide these services to those whom are of limited financial means, are on Medicaid, are young, single or lacking support and those seeking doula services or education from a Christian and/or Biblical perspective. She has also set out to build a Christian Childbirth Ministry through her local Pregnancy Resource Center so that more may be reached with the Truth of God’s love.

Jessica Mast, LLC
Serving: Denver Metro
Offering: Childbirth Education; Labor Support or Doula; Lending Library
Comment: I am a birth doula certified with DONA International and childbirth educator serving women and families in the Denver Metro area. I believe in the God-giving ability for a woman to birth the child growing within her. Many times, we let our brains get in the way of the birthing process. My job is to encourage each couple to make the choices necessary to have a satisfying birth experience.

Pride and Joy Doula Services
Kim Klady
Serving: Greeley, Northern Colorado
Offering: Childbirth Education; Labor Support or Doula;
Comment: Stepping out into the calling the Lord has placed on my life to help educate women and their support person(s), I am offering Childbirth Education classes along with Doula servides. At this time I am offering classes through the Pregnancy Resource Center of Northern Colorado, in Greeley, CO. I am willing to teach in homes or churches in the Northern Colorado area.


Jessique Brown Doula Services
Que Brown
Serving: Atlanta
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula; Lending Library
Comment: I am a pastor’s wife in Atlanta and serve women by offering Christian childbirth services including Doula services, Birth Photography, Childbirth Education, Placenta Encapsulation, and Lactation support. My effort is to love, nurture, and serve women through the most delicate and life-changing moments in their life and stand fast quietly in awe as these precious moments mold her into the mother she is becoming.

Fruit of the Womb – Birth Naturally, Live Naturally
Charity Haulk
Serving: Stockbridge
Offering: Childbirth Education


Doulas Etc.
Jessica Poppe, CD(DONA)
Serving: Bloomington
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula; Parenting Classes; Lending Library; Bible Studies
Comment: I am a birth doula certified with DONA International and childbirth educator serving women and families in Central Illinois.

Shannon Bacus Birth Doula Services
Shannon Bacus
Serving: Lincoln and surrounding areas
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula
Comment: Serving Central Illinois Families in welcoming their babies into the world. Offering childbirth education and birth doula services.


Mrs. G’s Birthworks
Tracey Guthrie
Serving: Waterloo/Cedar Falls and Surrounding
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula


Knitted Together Childbirth Services
Michelle Howell
Serving: Bowling Green
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula; Parenting Classes; Lending Library; Bible Studies
Comment: Our Vision

  • To create a community of Christ centered women and families who have faith in marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting and healthy living.
  • To welcome the next generation of children into an environment where the parents are empowered and family relationships are strengthened.
  • Women support women with openness, trust and love. The older mentoring the younger.
  • To promote an environment where women believe in their bodies ability to birth peacefully while fathers are encouraged to provide tender, loving support.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Psalm 139:13


Starkville Pregnancy Care Center
Leslie Faulkenbery
Serving: Starkville
Offering: Crisis Pregnancy Services


Shanna Groppenbacher
Serving: Southern Nevada
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula; Postpartum Support; Bible Studies

New York

Maria Malone, LCCE
Serving: New York City Area
Offering: Childbirth Education; Lactation Support

Michelle Heatherly
Serving: New York City
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula
Comment: I serve women throughout New York City for their childbirth education, birth doula, and birth/maternity/postpartum photography needs. I am a trained birth coach familiar with many forms of pain relief and comfort techniques. I want to help by serving you and your family through this miraculous time. I have worked with many types of high risk clients; I welcome all types of birth. It’s a blessing to meet Christians from all walks of life.

South Carolina

Bellies, Birth & Babies
Olivia Sporinsky
Serving: Fort Hood / Killeen
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula; Postpartum Doula; Lending Library; Bible Studies
I provide care and support for the childbearing year from childbirth classes to postpartum support.  I am a trained labor doula, childbirth, teen and breastfeeding educator.  I also provide postpartum support for families who are in need of it.

Care for Mom
Susan Briesch
Serving: Greenville
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula; Postpartum Doula; Lending Library
Through Care for Mom, Susan Breisch has been providing childbirth education, labor doula services, and postpartum care for mother and baby to women and families in the Greenville, South Carolina area for the past nine years. She received her postpartum doula certification in 2003. She has since completed training to be a labor doula.

Susan also teaches a normal childbirth series, “Instinctive Birthing”. “Instinctive Birthing” is a comprehensive course on pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn care. It is a series of classes that teach women how to work with their bodies, preparing them physically, emotionally and spiritually for a normal childbirth. This course has been designed to give women the information they need to have the birth they desire whether at home, at a birth center, or at the hospital.

As a part of her postpartum work Susan facilitates the Upstate Postpartum Support Group. The support group meets on a monthly basis, and Susan is available by phone and email to any moms who are in need of support and education about perinatal mood disorders.


St. Brigid Birth Services
Stacy Smith
Serving: DFW
Offering: Childbirth Education; Doula; Parenting Classes or Mentoring; Lending Library; Bible Studies; Crisis Pregnancy Assistance


Blessing God’s Way
Doran Richards, CPM, LM
Offering: Educating; Labor Support; Midwifery; Postartum Doula; Parenting Classes or Mentoring; Lending Library; Bible Studies;


Heart & Home Perinatal Services
Kathy Wilson
Serving: Edmonds
Offering: Childbirth Education; Postpartum Care