Christian Childbirth Workbook

The Christian Childbirth Workbook organizes all the questions you need to have answered before you have your baby. Use the workbook to keep track of the information you find during childbirth class, on the internet, in childbirth books and from your health care team. Use the exercises and activities to ensure you understand the answers.

Warning! This book does not have all the answers…Instead, it has all the questions. By only asking the questions, the Christian Childbirth Workbook stays flexible enough to meet your individual needs. The questions are relevant whether you are planning for a cesarean, a home birth or anywhere in between. You choose how you find the answers. You choose the sources you trust. Match your learning style with a variety of activities and exercises.

Unique Features

  • Lists of key terms and concepts you should understand
  • Activities and exercises to test your knowledge
  • Labor rehearsals and role plays to practice your skills
  • Personal reflection worksheets to organize your thoughts

In addition to the basics of pregnancy and childbirth, the Christian Childbirth Workbook provides opportunities to study Christian concepts as they relate to giving birth. Explore all the births described in the Bible. Study the commands given to parents. Devotionals, scripture reading and prayer guides help you discover ways to live out your Christian faith in everyday life. Journal space on every page provides room for your personal insights and questions.

The Christian Childbirth Workbook is divided into eight units of Study. Each unit includes:

  • An overview of the Biblical principle being explored
  • A scripture checklist
  • Discussion points to pick out key concepts
  • Self-Study suggestions to apply the principles to your life
  • Suggested Readings from Christian Childbirth Handbook, 40 Weeks, Lord of Birth and the Birthing Naturally Web site to help you find the answers to that unit.
  • Devotional Thoughts
  • Topical Bible exploration exercise
  • Suggested Prayer List
  • Memory Verses


  1. Stewardship
  2. Labor Comfort
  3. Greeting Baby
  4. Choosing With Love
  5. Labor Challenges
  6. Birth Planning
  7. Self-Control
  8. Parenting a Newborn

A great resource for families who want to supplement traditional childbirth classes or who are unable to attend childbirth preparation classes.