40 Weeks Devotional Guide to Pregnancy


Birthing Naturally is proud to present our very own guide to the 40 weeks of pregnancy. We have combined some of the best health information available on this site with a week by week pregnancy guide, devotionals and prayer guides so you can have everything in one easy to use bedside resource.

This unique inspirational resource features weekly descriptions of your baby’s growth and pregnancy specific devotionals to encourage and enlighten even the most experienced mother. Weekly prayer guides support your desire to pray daily for your child, while challenging you to deepen your spiritual life. Supportive suggestions for handling pregnancy symptoms help make the journey from “expecting” to “mother” as comfortable as possible. This is the pregnancy guide no Christian should be without.

Unique Features

  • Accurately reflects the changes happening in baby and mother
  • Approaches pregnancy and childbirth as inherently healthy times of life
  • Weekly prayer lists highlight changes as your baby develops
  • At home remedies for many pregnancy discomforts
  • A devotion for each week of pregnancy
  • Dates for gestation and pregnancy (based on last menstrual period)
  • Simple drawings help you visualize your unborn baby

Being a good steward of your pregnancy means making decisions that positively influence your health and your baby. Find the helpful advice you need to make good decisions regarding nutrition, exercise, prenatal care, pregnancy symptoms and potential problems.