Praise and Worship during Labor

We all know that music helps us to establish a mood. Music can help us relax, give us energy and help us shut out external distractions. Music is allowed at most birthing places around the country, so why stop at relaxing music? Bring in some praise and worship to fill your birth place with the Holy Spirit. Here are some ways you can incorporate praise and worship into your labor and childbirth experience.

Bring your favorite scripture memory music.

Bring music from your favorite Christian Artist.

Play worship songs, or hymns if they help you relax and trust God.

Sway and move to the music. Not only will you be worshiping the Lord, but the movement will help your baby get into position in the birth canal.

Some women find vocalization (making noise) during contractions helps them make it through contractions. So sing or hum to your music. Match the intensity to the intensity of your contractions. NOTE: Be sure to use low sounds. High tones are made by tightening muscles in the body, which causes tension and more pain than is necessary.

No music sources allowed at your birthplace? Get printouts of the lyrics to your favorite praise songs or hymns. Sing them yourself or have your coach or assistant sing them to you during your labor.