Pregnancy Devotion | Where are you going?

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD , “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

I recently drove a friend to an airport 180 miles away in a very large city. We had directions from the internet and a printed map of the major roadways. I don’t usually get lost, and we left ourselves plenty of time to find the airport.

Everything went well until we reached the city and had to make our first turn-off. The directions we had were wrong, sending us in the opposite direction. We had traveled a good 15 minutes before we realized we must have missed the exit, so we found a place and turned around.

After we got back on track and found the expressway we needed, we felt confident again, only to miss the next turn off because the exit was marked by the expressway number, not the name. Again we had to find a place to turn around and get back on the right track.

Then, only a few miles from the airport, we were stuck in construction! I can’t tell you how uncomfortable the drive was. It was physically and emotionally stressing. I could rightly say it was a painful experience. We did find the airport, and she did have time to catch her plane.

After she gathered her bags and left the car, I took one last look at the map, just to make sure I knew the way to get back home. It only took me about 20 seconds to realize that the first “turn” we had missed put us within 10 miles to the airport, and if we had only stayed on that road we would have missed the construction.

We didn’t stay on the road because we weren’t paying attention to where we were going. Instead, we were focusing on the path we thought we needed to take to get to our destination.

It was such a God Moment for me about the way I live my life. When something happens, I do my best to get back on track with MY plan, using MY directions. If I would only bother to ask God, He can show me His better plan. If I had stayed focused on the goal rather than the path, we would have been to the airport sooner and not had to deal with construction.

What about you? Are you clinging desperately to the path you have chosen without considering whether it is still the best way to your goal? Did you make decisions early in your pregnancy that are now causing problems for you or your baby? Have situations changed, and you haven’t changed the way you handle them? Take some time to ask God to help you focus on the goal, and get you back on the path He has chosen.

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