Christian Childbirth Ministry

On the most basic level, a childbirth ministry is an outreach of a church to meet the physical and spiritual needs of expectant families. How that actually plays out depends on the number of volunteers in the ministry, the size of the supporting churches and the community at large.

The time that a woman spends pregnant is one of the most spiritually fertile times of her life. For many women, this is the first time they will have given serious thought to who they want to be and what they stand for in life. It may be the first time a woman sees her life as having any impact or influence on the lives of other people.

It may also be the first time that she considers how she wants to incorporate religion into a long-term lifestyle. Many adults do not consider religion or Christianity in general to be necessary for their lives, but do want to have their children grow up with a religious background. Offering a childbirth ministry through a church is a welcoming way to introduce these individuals to the church.

There are also women who, because of the circumstances of their pregnancy, have tremendous need. Often, if a woman is pregnant as a single woman, the last place she wants to go for help is a church. Many American’s have had bad experiences with churches, leaving them with the impression that church is the place that she will feel condemned. But the presence of a childbirth ministry allows the single pregnant woman a safe way to discover that a church is a place of love and forgiveness, and she is loved by God. Offering a childbirth ministry allows your church to reach out to women who would otherwise avoid Christianity. For families in need, a Childbirth ministry offers a tangible way to meet basic information and skill-training needs.

Christian families are sometimes surprised by the way they struggle during pregnancy. Because this is a spiritually fertile time, many women find their lives and spirits are under attack. Not only do women struggle with fatigue and being physically uncomfortable during pregnancy, but the information that is generally available to them is designed by a world that does not believe in or accept the authority of the Almighty God. Offering a childbirth ministry through a church allows families the support and encouragement they need to keep their faith strong through this challenging time.