Confession of Sins

As a comfort measure during labor, the uses of confession are limited. But what if confession of sins can affect your labor?

One of the fundamental concepts in natural childbirth is that excess tension in the muscles of the body causes excess pain during contractions. Most theories cite this tension is caused by fear of the labor, and can be overcome with education and the mastering of some relaxation techniques. Through training you can learn to remove the fear and relax your muscles.

My question today is, is this relaxation superficial? Do unconfessed sins prevent peace and relaxation?

This is not a question of “guilt,” but a question about the potential of a broken relationship with God. Usually, we begin to feel guilt as a consequence to our sin as a safety mechanism to encourage us to return to the Lord. But when left unconfessed, that guilt can cause us to “hide” from God just like Adam and Eve in the garden. Which leads me back to that question of the weight of an unconfessed sin. Is communication, and communion, with God interrupted? Does unconfessed sin hinder the ability to rest in God?

Psalm 66:18 tells us that when we cherish sin in our hearts, God doesn’t listen to our prayers. But what counts as cherishing sin?

Pregnant or not, it is a worthy discipline to confess sins. God is ready and willing to forgive a repentant heart. The difference is that changes in pregnancy can cause you to be off your “normal” spriritual disciplines routine. Take some time today to reassess your spiritual practices; has confession been left out?