Pregnancy Devotion | Life in the Desert

I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for the Israelites to live in the desert for 40 years. Never knowing when they would have to pick up and move. Living out of bags, they had no place to call home. Walking in the extreme heat of the desert.

Sometimes being pregnant can feel like life in the desert. Your body is out of your control, making changes to keep the baby healthy. Clothing does not fit right, food does not taste right and some days you just ca not eat it. The general discomforts and physical symptoms of pregnancy can become overwhelming. Pregnancy begins to feel like one big test.

Here is some hope I discovered. God used the 40 years in the desert to prepare the Israelites to take possession of the Promised Land. He did not just set them in the desert to punish them and then walk away; he actually traveled with them, leading them every step of the way.

And He did not leave them to their own abilities to follow. God actually took care of their needs during this time. He provided manna to eat and water to drink. Their shoes and clothing did not wear out. He set up laws for them to begin to form a society.

God does not leave you alone in your pregnancy either. He is right there with you, leading you closer to him every step of the way. Providing for your needs and preparing you to be a mother to your child.

If you haven’t already, open your eyes and look around you. How has God been taking care of you during this pregnancy? Where is He leading you?

After spending some time reading through the book of Exodus, you may enjoy learning ways to incorporate your faith in God to comfort measures for labor in the birthing skills section.

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