Contentment in pregnancy

The Bible encourages us to not seek out more than what God has given us, to be satisfied with what we have been given. This contentment stems from the faith that God does know what you need and will take care of your needs.

This doesn’t mean we cannot ask God for things.

But it does mean we accept the answer of “no” if it is given. In pregnancy contentment can be physical, emotional or material.

Specific applications then may be:

  • accepting not being able to work after your baby is born so you must learn to live on less income for a time
  • accepting that you will need to return to work after baby is born so you learn to schedule your time accordingly


  • waiting patiently for labor to begin instead of inducing at the first opportunity
  • participating in a labor induction because of physical complications


What if you are having a difficult pregnancy?

Sometimes God gives us the ability to change things.  Other times nothing we do changes the circumstances.
Contentment does not mean you “give up” when something is wrong.  Take the time to seek God’s wisdom. There may be something you can do to change the circumstances.
Contentment does not mean you are happy about a difficult pregnancy. It is OK to cry out to God in fear, in pain, and in sadness.
Contentment does not mean you need to stay in a bad situation. If you are unsafe please ask for help.