Pregnancy Attitude?

Some people say the glass is half-empty, some say it is half-full. But what about when you are pregnant? Is there a difference between seeing 9 months as too long and seeing 9 months as just long enough?

Not every pregnant woman has an easy pregnancy.

Not every pregnant woman enjoys her changing body.

Not every pregnant woman is overwhelmed by joy and thankfulness.

If you are a woman who sometimes finds being thankful challenging, I offer you the following list of the “potential positives” you may be able to find every day.

When you feel….try to remember…

My body is so big and fat… My baby is growing well

My clothes are too tight…Even my clothes remind me of my baby

Everything makes me sick, I can’t eat a thing…I’ can be picky now, I only eat the best food

Everybody asks me when I’m due…Everybody is interested in my baby

I can’t stand to cook… I can take this opportunity to take a break from cooking

My back is always sore… Sometimes my body can’t keep up, I should use this time to practice resting

There’s too much information to read… I’m learning so much

I’m moody all the time…I don’t hide my feelings anymore, I am woking on my problems

Life will never be the same again… Life will never be the same again