Pregnancy Devotion | Who is in control?

Jeremiah 27:8-15

As I read this passage while pregnant for my second child I wrote this note on the side:“You must go through birth not in control, just like Israel and Babylon.”


As a childbirth educator I have seen that a common concern among women is that during labor they will be “out of control.” I am not talking about not having control over decisions that will affect the labor. I mean the fear that they will say, act and feel things that will seem wild or crazy, and that they want to have the contraction pattern and discomfort to happen according to what they feel they can handle.

The idea that I am “in control” of what happens in labor is a lie. Just like any other time in life, I have the ability to do things that will affect what is happening. My actions and attitudes can help or hinder the labor process, but at no time will I be in control.

What do I mean?

If a woman experiences back labor, she can change positions, do lunges and get on all fours. Someone can rub her back, she can even get an epidural. These things may help to move the baby or reduce her pain, but they may not. There is no guarantee because as a woman in labor, you are not in control.

God reminded me that He is always in control. Even when things are looking grim (like being taken captive), God is still in control. God is always watching over me and working out his plan for me. Reminding myself of that truth helped me to remain calm and confident during labor. And just as a side note: research has shown that women who are confident in their ability to labor report less pain.


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